• Men want their lives to be productive, to have real meaning and purpose
  • Men represent a tremendous, greatly untapped resource to assist in changing and influencing our world for Christ
  • The needs of our world are great

The Needs of Young Men Today

  • They want a church that helps them truly understand the Bible. They want a church that seeks to understand them.
  • Meaningful Relationships. Most young men men feel lonely, isolated and disconnected. They would appreciate a church that brings them in contact with like-minded peers in a non-threatening setting.
  • Instruction for their kids. Millions of married young men want their kids to have positive Christian learning experiences.
  • Solutions to life’s challenges. Young men want the church to provide practical, tangible solutions to the difficult problems they face daily. They want to know spiritual principles that make life “work.” The church must answer the questions that men are asking.
  • Knowing Christ. Many unchurched young men have given up on organized religion but not on God. They want to know God but don’t know how.